Techforce Türkiye is Live!

The Salesforce Techforce Turkey podcast series explores the stories behind Turkish entrepreneurs, startups, and leading companies. Pioneers of the Turkish tech scene, influential CEOs in technology, entrepreneurs, and transformation leaders share their experiences on "TechForce Turkey."

In the Salesforce Techforce Turkey podcast series, technology leaders in Turkey provide valuable insights into artificial intelligence, the future of work, customer experience, digital transformation, innovation, gender equality, sustainability, and their firsthand personal experiences.

Through this enjoyable podcast series that delves into the stories of technology leaders, their experiences with technology integration in business processes, and success stories in personal and professional life, listeners get the opportunity to get to know technology leaders more closely and gain insights into significant topics within the industry.

In the First Episode: The Transformation Story of QNB eFinans!

In the inaugural episode of TechForce Turkey, Aysel Kahya, the CTO, and İlke Altın, the CSMO of QNB eFinans, pioneers in the e-transformation sector in Turkey, are guests. QNB eFinans, which joined the Turkish FinTech ecosystem in 2013, stands out with its strong commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach, defining the concepts of e-finance and e-transformation.

What was discussed?

The Fascinating Rise of e-Transformation in Turkey: İlke Altın, CSMO of QNB eFinans, highlights a significant rise in the e-transformation landscape in Turkey. In this period where digital transformation gains momentum in both the public and private sectors, she emphasizes that digital transformation in the financial world goes beyond the mere digitization of printed documents and notes that Turkey holds a pioneering position in digital transformation compared to other countries worldwide.

Approach to Technology and Trends: Aysel Kahya, CTO of QNB eFinans, discusses the importance of technological aspects like artificial intelligence, IoT, and cybersecurity in the process of technological change. She explains how they merge trends in these areas and turn them into projects.

Cloud and Customer Experience: Aysel Kahya, CTO of QNB eFinans, mentions how cloud technology accelerates their adaptation to customer growth, how they enhance their digital processes with Salesforce, increase customer experience with the broad solutions offered by Salesforce, and how Kofana Digital supports them in all processes.

Key Aspects of Digital Transformation: İlke Altın, CSMO of QNB eFinans, emphasizes that customer experience, transformation, and development are inseparable in discussing the fundamental aspects of digital transformation. She points out that beyond being a necessity from a customer perspective, the efficiency companies provide in this process and the changes in customer habits are of utmost importance.

You can listen Techforce Türkiye on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and from Salesforce website.



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