Creating a Data-Driven Sales Plan with CRM Usage

In any research, business process, sales, communication, advertising or marketing campaign, technical development, or hypothesis generation, the first information required to reach a conclusive result is data. Therefore, data lies at the foundation of every technological and scientific advancement.

Data, related to raw and rational reality, are quantitative or qualitative elements acquired through measurement, counting, observation, research, or experimentation. Hence, data are utilized in all processes related to sales.

Salesforce, a CRM platform that brings businesses and customers together, offers integrated solutions for all stages of sales actions, creating insights from existing or potential customer data. Additionally, by processing this data according to a targeted strategy, Salesforce provides an opportunity to create a new sales plan for the company, contributing to the growth trajectory it requires.

How to Create a Data-Driven Sales Plan?

With effective data management, a crucial component of digital transformation, achieving successful results in all digital channel actions is possible. For instance, a marketing campaign with a high conversion rate or sustainable internal and external stakeholder communication is heavily reliant on effective data management. Similarly, data is imperative in all stages of sales actions. However, it should not be forgotten that a data strategy is a prerequisite for all these processes.

Integrated marketing encompasses analysis, strategy, and reporting in all tasks, concepts, and processes, and a data strategy is required in each step. The primary reason for this is the continuous increase, growth, diversification, and expansion of consumer preferences. Businesses need to understand their customers to provide solutions tailored to their needs. This is also crucial for a company to create a differentiation in the market and maintain a competitive advantage.

Offering the world's first artificial intelligence integration in a CRM platform, Salesforce enables companies to enhance their data management for customers using solution-oriented CRM services. This is achieved by enriching data management with insights from artificial intelligence.

With Salesforce's Customer 360° service, you can gather customer data related to pre-sale, sale, and post-sale stages in a single platform. Salesforce, the world's #1 CRM solution provider, offers Customer 360 service, which can be used for every stage and need of the customer journey, from existing customers to potential customers, customer segmentation to customer loyalty. Additionally, the more data you acquire with Customer 360, the more benefits you reap from its transformative capabilities. Furthermore, integrating all your data and evaluating the process through analytical interpretations maximizes the overall benefits of Customer 360.


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