Adapt Your Employees to the Digital World

In today's fast-evolving technological landscape, the demand for digital skills has surged. Nowadays, children are learning coding before mastering handwriting. These digital skills have become not only a necessity in today's world but also indispensable "skills" for future generations. Salesforce has engaged with experts and conducted comprehensive research to provide a global perspective on digital skills.

Definition of Digital Skills:

Digital skills are generally defined as "using digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information." These skills range from basic online search and email sending to advanced programming and development.

Examples of Digital Skills:

  • Entry-Level Digital Skills: Computer literacy, data entry, social media management, web-based communication and research, word processing, email and chat, secure information processing.

  • Advanced Digital Skills: Programming, web and app development, digital business analysis, digital marketing and content creation, digital design and data visualization, digital product management, data science, user experience design.

Importance of Digital Skills:

The pandemic has brought irreversible changes to business methods and accelerated digital transformation. Recognizing the demand for digital skills, companies have shifted from a physical-centric to a digital-focused business model. Digital-centric interactions such as remote work, online commerce, and virtual collaboration have further emphasized the critical need for digital skills.

Salesforce's Role and Perspective:

Salesforce operates with a vision to cope with the rapid digital transformation in the business world and to bridge the digital skills gap for companies. In pursuit of this goal, Salesforce provides various products and educational resources to companies by leveraging insights gained from discussions with industry experts and global research.

The solutions and educational resources offered by Salesforce enable employees to enhance their digital skills, facilitating a quick adaptation to the dynamic nature of the business world. In this context, we can detail the following key elements:

  • Various Products and Solutions: The first step in bringing your business processes and employees into the digital world is the establishment of a well-designed CRM system. Salesforce offers a broad range of products, primarily in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contributing to companies' optimization of business processes, enhancement of customer experience, and improvement of efficiency. The solutions provided by Salesforce, tailored to specific departments, help companies understand historical data related to customers and products accurately. These solutions encompass various features aimed at optimizing business processes, strengthening customer experience, and increasing productivity.

  • Training and Development Resources: Salesforce provides comprehensive training and self-improvement opportunities for everyone looking to enhance their skills through the open-source platform Trailhead. With short training programs on Trailhead designed for operational areas such as marketing, sales, and customer management, as well as industry-specific solutions for sectors like manufacturing, logistics, technology, and retail, employees can increase their professional digital skills in the processes they focus on. They can also learn to effectively use Salesforce products and specialize in optimizing business processes.

  • Development of Basic and Advanced Digital Skills: Salesforce's solutions aim to develop both basic digital skills and enhance advanced digital capabilities. This enables your employees to effectively manage daily business processes and better adapt to future digital demands. As the first business partner of Salesforce in Turkey, Kofana Digital offers the Salesforce Adoption service to our partners. This service ensures that employees gain knowledge and experience not only in the technical aspects of the platform but also in the optimization of business processes and strengthening customer relationships.

  • Competitive Advantage and Future Readiness: With Salesforce's solutions, businesses can maintain a competitive advantage and be prepared for challenges related to digital transformation in the future. This is crucial for ensuring sustainable growth and development for your company.

The adaptation of your employees to the digital world depends on equipping them with both basic and advanced digital skills. Investing in digital skills will help your company maintain a competitive advantage and progress more preparedly into the future. Understanding the significant role of strengthening digital capabilities in businesses, you can effectively manage the digital transformation process within your company with the solutions offered by Salesforce.

The Salesforce Adoption process is a crucial step in enabling businesses to effectively adopt and use the Salesforce CRM platform. Managing this process with the right strategy, training, communication, and support helps businesses strengthen customer relationships, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. With the expertise and experience of Kofana Digital, provide support and participation in digital transformation at all levels of your organization.


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