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What Sets Salesforce Apart From Its Rivals?

The fact that Salesforce has a large and integrated ecosystem sets it apart most from other competing CRM platforms. Salesforce gives users access to an integrated platform with sales, service, marketing, commerce, data management, reporting, artificial intelligence, and much more that offers a 360-degree perspective of the customer.

Salesforce Users is a cloud-based service that gives users access to their screens from any computer or location. The fact that the data is stored on the cloud also offers benefits in terms of backup and security.

In Gartner's Magic Quadrant assessment, Salesforce was named the top CRM system for the fifteenth time. Salesforce provides users with excellent customization and application development opportunities.

It is possible to develop solutions in accordance with the peculiarities of investment costs thanks to specific business decisions, automations, and applications. With its highly developed sales, marketing, trade, and other platforms, it provides a 360-degree real-time perspective and enables the creation of numerous reports and business views for all storage departments. Because they can be purchased both online and offline and provide a holistic experience, they may develop targeted marketing to increase client loyalty.

Salesforce has a big user base and a variety of products, and this community aids you in acquiring new skills as the app store adds a variety of custom applications and devices to AppExchange. Third-party partners and developers can also offer solutions on different platforms through AppExchange.

Naturally, other rival CRM solutions have their own features and may be preferred based on them. However, elements like Salesforce's extensive breadth, distribution ability, and wide ecosystem are crucial aspects that set it apart from rivals.





SOCIO de Salesforce KOFANA

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¿Qué es Salesforce?

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