TikTok & Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

To assist businesses in turning engaged audiences into high-value customers, TikTok is pleased to unveil a new lead generation integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This integration introduces a no-code solution that enables TikTok advertisers to transfer their leads directly to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the leading platform for companies to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across every touchpoint with AI and trusted first-party data. The result? Immediate actionability and a higher likelihood of conversion for Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers.

Simplifying the conversion funnel for Salesforce clients, TikTok Lead Generation is the next-gen solution for capturing leads from an audience that's uniquely tuned in to discover, search, and connect on TikTok. This new integration will be available on AppExchange, Salesforce's leading enterprise cloud marketplace, for businesses using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Benefits of TikTok's Integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

No-code integration: TikTok's new integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding skills. Marketing teams will be able to set it up in a matter of minutes, allowing them to focus on what really matters—capturing, nurturing, and converting leads.

Real-time lead transfer: Timing is everything in the world of lead generation. With this new app, leads captured on TikTok will be synced to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real time, eliminating the time and effort required to manually download leads.

Fast follow-up: When a lead is generated on TikTok, sales and marketing teams will be able to instantly access leads in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowing for prompt follow-up and personalized engagement. This quick response will enhance the chances of turning leads into loyal customers.


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