Being a Customer-Oriented Company

Salesforce is a world-leading institutional cloud computing company. World’s no1 sales and CRM application runs on the social and mobile cloud technology of Salesforce. Thus, organizations work with their business partners and employees at different interaction levels with completely new methods.

Since the day Salesforce was established, it has changed the rules of the institutional software market with its cloud computing technology. Now it steered the direction of the change to being a “Social Institution”. “Social Institutions” are organizations that place their customers in the heart of the business, and use social, mobile, and open cloud technologies all together.

Users access all institutional cloud computing and social institution applications provided by Salesforce through web browsers and mobile devices. Open cloud computing technologies provide web-based application, data storage and access services with the subscription system that is based on the “pay-as-you-go” principle. Salesforce, with its motto “Privacy of the customer data comes before everything else for us”, provides the most advanced level of data security and privacy in its cloud computing technology.

Established by Mark Benioff in 199, Salesforce is being used by more than 10 million users from more than 150,000 institutions. Based in San Francisco, California, the company employs more than 25,178 employees.

Salesforce has not only been listed as one of the tops in the list of companies that are the most favorite and desired in the software industry by Fortune magazine but also achieved an unbreakable record by being chosen as “The Most Innovative Company of the Last Decade” in 2016 by Forbes.

According to the latest IDC and Gartner reports, the leading CRM application with the most market share belongs to Salesforce.


Welcome to the Internet of Customers

In today’s world, the technology we use is constantly changing. Everybody connects to each other and every device talks to each other. Not only computers but also smartphones, tablets, products, sensors, watches - almost all devices are in touch with each other. Experts estimate that 50 billion devices will be connected to each other in 2020.

In this Internet and cloud computing era, known as the third phase of informatics, every day more devices and users connect to each other and are being controlled by social and mobile apps.

The thing that should not be overlooked is that each device and each application have a “customer” behind them..

Once we connect everything - devices, products, applications, people - to each other, we can connect to our customers with brand-new methods as well. This we call “the Internet of Customers”. The Internet of Customers gives a hint of how to connect them through new-generation apps.

The fact that the Internet of Customers is possible is only thanks to the fact that we can make contact with our customers by using social, mobile and cloud technology that can be connected anytime anywhere.

It’s not an easy task to connect everything with each other. First of all, you should become a “Company of Customers” and connect your employees with each other. Your employees, in their private lives, already have access to any information via mobile apps. They have the same expectation when it comes to using business applications and accessing institutional data.

So, are you ready for it as an organization?

The way to becoming a “Company of Customers” goes through connecting each employee from customer services, sales and marketing departments with each other. You should provide your employees with mobile and social apps that place your customers in the heart of the business. For their products to be able to connect, you should add special application components to them. You should connect the trucks distributing goods, goods being dispatched and related persons with each other in order to provide better customer service.

The question is: “How can you become a Company of Customers?”

How can you develop the mobile devices and product applications that your customers, employees and business partners need and how can you connect everything with each other?

With Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Platform helps you become a “Company of Customers” and connect to your customers with brand-new methods. Salesforce Platform is the new customer platform for “the Internet of Customers”. You need a platform that will carry you to the future with new-generation apps and devices. A platform that supports the constantly changing world of social and mobile apps and devices: Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Platform brings along many features for application developers, business partners, employees, system managers and customers. These solutions that can be quickly deployed on the Salesforce Platform allows you to get the highest return for the investments made by benefiting in the short-term. Salesforce applications reduce service costs, and at the same time, contribute to revenue by helping increase sales.

Salesforce shows ultimate attention to the return of its customers’ investments, follows up the earnings of its customers through research made by independent institutions and shares these acquisition information with its customers. According to independent research, the rate of return on Salesforce’s customer’s investments is 70% on average.

Run your CRM Value Calculator, tailored to your organization, and calculate the return on the investment you are to make:


Appreciating the importance of customer data and emphasizing the importance of data security at every stage, Salesforce remarks “There is nothing more important than the privacy of customer data to us". Salesforce provides all information such as system status, security, privacy, etc. to users on http://trust.Salesforce/ and allows you to access instant information regarding the environment you are working in.


Being a Customer-Oriented Company

Being a “Customer-Oriented Company” begins with placing your customers in the heart of your business and building your world around your customer. It is only possible by providing the correct and quality service on all platforms where they want to be with you 24/7 and making them feel safe with you.

Social: Today, there are 4,5 billion social media users around the world. Every passing second, they talk and share their thoughts about brands, organizations, products and services. It is critical to asses such information, make contact, provide services and create new products. You can only achieve this by including your social media management processes in your sales, services, marketing, human resources and product development processes.

Mobile: In 2012, 1,2 billion mobile devices were activated. Your customers, suppliers, employees, prospective customers, business partners, and devices you use are always active and connected. You should provide special campaigns, make sales offers and give services based on the location information of your customers. You should stay connected with the ecosystem where you provide service all the time. The ones who provide services fast and who are aware all the time become successful. You should manage all your processes on mobile.

Big Data: Every second all of us generate, share, like, report and enter massive data. To the brands that want to get in touch with us, we provide information about ourselves; what kind of service we need, our product expectations, and our taste. So, the ones who use this big data will be one step further and shape the future.

Community: It is important to access the correct information quickly from its source, to reach the competent ones with the most accurate answer and to include the data coming from our systems in our decision-making processes. Sending documents via e-mail, making phone calls for receiving information and going through files are no longer valid in this era. The ones who keep our whole ecosystem together and provide the only correct version of information become successful. Connect your suppliers, business partners, employees and customers to each other and equip this community with the most current and accurate information.

Applications: Salesforce gives you to opportunity to develop applications in a brand-new way. Social, mobile, fast and secure. Today, Salesforce covers all the needs of your organization - with Salesforce security, ease of use and speed - at Appexchange Marketplace with +2100 applications. These apps running integrated with Salesforce solutions take using and developing apps to a new level.

Trust: You should earn the trust of customers and find new ways to develop relationships. Your customer should trust you as much as they share their friends, taste and complaints; and in return, you should provide them with new services, advantages and eases. The customer should feel the company is there for them and they are safe with you.


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