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Prefer Salesforce solutions for your digital transformation and stay in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere.

About Kofana

As a Salesforce Gold Certified Partner in the UK, Spain, Turkey and the Middle East, Kofana provides the best Salesforce services for you.

Not only do we provide Salesforce solution and product expertise, we also assist you in the process starting with the High-Level Design to the tiniest bits that can impact the fate of any project.

Our experts in Technical Architecture, Security, Infrastructure, Accessibility, Scalability, Integration and many other areas are second to none.

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Why Kofana?

We are proud of our in-depth expertise of proliferate industries and process transformation inheritance stemming from our ERP legacy. We tailor our approach and Salesforce solution considering your industry’s best practices.

From Sales Cloud to Tableau our team carry the whole lineup of epaulettes and brass buttons required to bridge the gap between what the goals are and how to get there.

We are well aware planning is one thing and sticking to it is another. Rest assured we’ll deliver your Salesforce project on time, on budget and with your anticipated outcome.

Success Stories

Videos speak louder than words. We could talk for hours about how we helped hundreds of customers adapt to the new normal using Salesforce solutions to continue their digital transformation journey. Why don’t you watch them tell about their own stories how they rebuild their sales, services, marketing, pricing methodology, reporting, approval processes and so much more with Kofana.

We guarantee that you will find many aspects that resonate with your business and your objectives for change.

Salesforce, get started now.

As a Salesforce Gold Certified Partner, Kofana provides the best Salesforce services for you. We offer solutions that transform the way you sell, digitally or with sales force; solutions that help you excel at servicing your customers and delighting and communicating with them at every touchpoint to provide amazing experiences. We assist you in visualizing your data to make better decisions and adapt faster and better to any normal.