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Implemeting CRM

Kofana has helped our organization go beyond what was in our dreams, and made us dream bigger. Thanks to our consultants, we are going to be live with a fully-equipped, sales-enhancing and easily reportable CRM tool.

Cem GürbağEdenred CRM Strategist

Project Details

360 Degree View of Customers

Salesforce collaboration with Edenred began in March 2015 to establish a Salesforce CRM infrastructure. Edenred Marketing Manager Gamze Ocal says that they plan to make CRM system as one of the most important building stone of the changes started in 2014.  Ocal says “Together with the project, our sales team is able to provide better service to our current and potential customers, to follow them regularly and to better reflect our brand values.”

Go Live DateJanuary 2015
Salesforce ProductSales Cloud

Would you describe the project you started with Kofana as Edenred?

We have done our research for the setup of a new CRM system, one of our company’s 2015 goals, and have seen that the Salesforce environment is very convenient and innovative for our company. When we understand that our marketing, sales and operations departments can solve the issues we haven’t been able to solve in the past for different reasons, we decided to choose Salesforce.

Kofana’s expert team was always with us during our 6 month project. They not only designed the business processes we wanted but also built the best architectural infrastructure in order us to make the business decisions we need. Throughout the project, they provided consultancy and training on project management, CRM, and Salesforce’s structure, enabling us to build and manage today’s state-of-the-art technology.

Why did you initiate this project, what were your aims?

As in every industry, it is very important to change in the prepaid services sector and adapt to new technologies. Our company has also taken a change of wind since 2014. We were planning to have our new CRM system as one of the most important building blocks of 2015. Our old CRM system was a system designed by our own teams. There was a lot of positive sides because we had our own system, but in a world where there were so many changes, adapting our system to existing conditions and optimizing our sales processes became increasingly difficult. Especially, we wanted our sales team to be able to communicate more in themselves and to be able to report all of this communication in a database and to report at any time. We wanted our general managers and directors to be able to log in to the system and monitor their own teams. In an increasingly “on-line” world, we wanted our employees to be more on-line for the job and to follow their business at any time (smart phones when necessary) more easily.

Why did you choose Salesforce?

Before choosing Salesforce, we had conducted an analysis of CRM providers for about 2 months. We met with representatives of all the major vendors, examined their practices in Turkey and in other countries where we operate, as well. We listened to the products from each provider, we evaluated the pluses and minuses together, we watched the demos. The demos were very important to us because they are much more than a presentation. Kofana gave us an appointment one week later, in an environment where all providers wanted at least two weeks for the demo. This proved that the Salesforce solution is more flexible and faster customizable. As a matter of fact, after all the evaluations we were convinced that Salesforce would best meet our needs.

What improvements did you achieve with the project in customer interaction?

Together with the project, we enabled both our current and potential customers to keep up with our sales team to provide better service and reflect our brand values better. Because our e-mail templates on the system are personalized by sender and the people they are sent, we may be able to measure the actual use of the communications our marketing team has done. Apart from that, we started to communicate more effectively with our automated, but personalized communications to our potential customers, our newly acquired firm or existing customers. Thanks to the integrations we made, we enabled the 360-degree view of the customer in Edenred so that everyone can see the changes on a client. Thanks to the momentary development of our listings, we have ensured that our customers receive the right message at the right time and that our mobile sales team can follow the opportunities that are directed to them in the fastest way with mobile integration.

What kind of targets do you have with this Project?

The most basic goal of CRM systems is to create customer satisfaction and to establish solid bonds between you and the customer and to create a positive effect for those customers to buy more. We are very pleased with the results we have received from our new system and have some goals in this direction. For example, one of our goals is to accurately analyze the trends over time that our customers have been with us, to ensure that sales promotion or loss prevention actions are taken at the right time. Apart from that, with Salesforce, we aim to plan marketing and campaign communications that our customers will get from us through the life cycle. In this respect, we aim to optimize communication traffic among our customers, to provide them with more services and to provide maximum satisfaction.

Edenred’s Secret of Happiness


When we came together with Edenred before we started our first project, we encountered the vision of “All sales and marketing operations being centered, mobile, dynamic” and “more successful sales including all information and communication tools about customers and sales”. The need for a platform that is suitable and for the targeted growth rates has already been determined. Following the rigorous review process, the sales and IT management, which carried out the researches to find the solutions that are suitable for the vision of Global Edenred, also searched for a mobile solution working on the cloud and managed the sales process uninterruptedly finally decided to continue with Salesforce.


Edenred’s Salesforce Operation

From mobile apps and creation of leads on any channel such as web site, call center or field visit to creating contract on mobile app, all workflows, autorizations and approvals work with automations customized to the products and units. By this means, all companies that contact Edenred are managed by related teams according to region and portfolio principles. Thanks to automated customer prioritization and segmentation capabilities through intelligent algorithm-based rules, the right conditions and limits are established and authorities are set for each contract generated. Thus, “correct offer”, “strong sales”, “happy customer” triangle has been successfully established.


While the control power of all levels has increased for the senior management whp can follow the Daily operations, the time allocated for this issue has decreased. Sales teams that are driven by Salesforce smart sales processes, who can manage their business in line with new sales strategies without the need for additional training, are happier and more successful.

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