Develop your application by using Salesforce Platform and Kofana!

Do you say, “Our business model has been evolving into digital, but developing applications that are compatible with both our industry and our business model has been getting harder”? With Kofana and Salesforce Platform, you can develop customized applications for your business needs. You can also develop your applications using the cloud-based Salesforce Platform and quickly digitalize all your business processes with Kofana’s expertise. Moreover, you can connect your applications and shorten their time to market periods using Salesforce Platform’s easy-to-use operating systems and PaaS solutions while doing all this. With Kofana and Salesforce Platform, it is time to develop applications according to your business model and to increase efficiency in employee and customer experiences!

What can you do with Salesforce Platform?

Do not wait to develop IT-oriented applications that your employees and customers need during the COVID-19 pandemic! You can digitalize the business model, focus on increasing your productivity and reduce your workload by using the built-in technology and the development tools of Kofana and Salesforce Platform! So, what else can you do?

Support the employee experience with apps!

You can now increase the productivity of your employees using low-code or code-free applications. To support the productivity of your employees and create a more integrated workforce, you can try the cloud-based development tools of Kofana and Salesforce Platform and design mobile-ready Salesforce applications for your employees!

What else can you do to improve employee productivity while mitigating your workloads?

  • You can recreate the intranet for your teams. You can create portals that can be used by your customers and business partners.
  • You can speed up your employees with a user-friendly help desk and mobile app development service.
  • You can increase employee productivity by creating unique applications using low-code mobile app development software.

Boost the productivity of your departments using Kofana's expertise!

You can boost your teams’ productivity and mitigate your workloads by allowing them to build easy-to-use applications! With Kofana and the Salesforce Platform, you can offer your employees low-code application development tools that allow them to create faster ways of working. Moreover, you can develop your Salesforce application according to the needs of different departments and allow each department to benefit from customer data! You can also increase adoption by providing a user-friendly login and portal experience.

Improve your application development processes by using the Salesforce Platform!

Do you want to speed up your business operations and pave the way for innovation? You can do it by using Kofana and Salesforce Platform. You can keep your software developers focused on the application by streamlining your business processes. Moreover, you can maximize the productivity of your developers and easily integrate any application, data, or device using the optimized toolset on the cloud-based Salesforce Platform that offers PaaS solutions and application development options.

Leader in the mobile app development category!

With its mobile application development tools and solutions, Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM solution, was named “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the third time.

Take your CRM solution to the next level!

By using low-code tools, you can eliminate struggling for a long time to develop your applications and display all your customers in one panel! You can personalize your applications and create a seamless employee and customer experience by using Salesforce’s Lightning Platform, the world’s # 1 enterprise cloud platform. Moreover, with the easy-to-use data integration tools of the Lightning Platform, you can discover your customer in all aspects and gain the ability to proactively manage them using the predictions you will obtain from your customers’ data. You can develop interesting applications for your customers using CRM data.

Improve the customer experience!

Do your customers want to complete their business processes following simple steps? So, it is time to quickly build apps and design unique experiences for your customers using professional coding tools of the Salesforce Platform’s unique app development and no-code builders!

Try code-free development tools.

You should use app development software to create unique digital experiences for your customers and partners. By joining Kofana and Salesforce Platform, you can offer code-free development features to your stakeholders and customers:

  • Low-Code Application Development
  • Code-Free Process Automation
  • Pre-developed Applications and Components
  • Mobile Developers, Services, and Publishers
Use professional coding tools.

We know that you want to introduce unique digital experiences with improved and integrated application features to your users! That’s why we prepared the following features for you using the professional coding tools of the Salesforce Platform, which has been designed for PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and application development:

  • Developer experience with Salesforce DX (Developer Experience)
  • Extensible cloud services with Heroku
  • Applications integrated with the Lightning Component Framework

Get a 545% return on investment without building apps using the powerful built-in enterprise services of the Salesforce Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that delivers a single, common view of each customer, including marketing data, sales processes, and after-sales services.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy that companies use to manage their interactions with customers and leads. It facilitates businesses to organize processes, establish relationships with customers, increase sales, improve customer services, and increase profitability.

What is Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce Platform is a secure and scalable platform where the cloud-based applications of Salesforce are developed. It allows customizing Salesforce products according to business requirements and integrating them with other systems. Salesforce Platform is also an application development solution that allows businesses to develop their own applications.

What are the advantages of the Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce Platform shortens the process of introducing businesses’ applications to the market and allows the integration of each data obtained in business processes by linking them to each other. Thus, companies save time and increase their efficiency while digitalizing their business models.