What is Salesforce Health Check?

More than just a CRM, Salesforce is an advanced enterprise framework for business applications, which provides countless opportunities and functionalities to conduct your business with maximum efficiency. But as your business evolves, and new platform features, iterations and updates are released, can you be sure your investment is still aligned with changing needs?

OurHeath Check service provides you with an overview of how the platform is being used, its limits and maintenance requirements, while also assisting you in aligning Salesforce security measures with your organisation’s policies.

We run the Salesforce Security Health Check and Optimiser Reports and conduct a full day workshop with your Admin to interpret the results.

We conduct an off-site review, where we prepare an actionable strategy that covers:


Summary and Duration

Kofana offers a comprehensive service to take your company’s Lightning Migration Roadmap to the “next level” in Salesforce user interface and functionality and the proven Return on Investment (ROI) that goes with it.