Make sure you get the return on your CRM investment by using Salesforce Health Check!

Can you control the up-to-dateness of your Salesforce CRM applications in the face of the changing needs and consumer behavior due to evolving and widespread technology? With Kofana and Salesforce Health Check, you can access all the information you need about where your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) infrastructure is performing adequately. You can reinforce your customers’ loyalty to your brand and strengthen your customer relations by keeping your CRM system up-to-date by using the Salesforce Health Check service. You can also use Salesforce Health Check tools together with Kofana’s expertise to ensure that your products and services are up-to-date so that your applications meet the requirements of the time.

How do you realize that you need Salesforce Health Check?

As Salesforce evolves and updates are released, you need maintenance of your Salesforce app designed to manage your customer relationships according to changing needs. Health Check, the Salesforce CRM Software solution offered with Kofana’s expertise, offers you the solution before you seek it! Salesforce Health Check ensures that all malfunctions in your applications are improved and they run smoothly even before you are aware of them. So, how do you realize that you need Salesforce Health Check?

Over 150,000 companies worldwide have been growing with Salesforce! Apply Salesforce Health Check

What can you do with Kofana and Salesforce Health Check?

While customers are the lifeblood of businesses, many companies aim to work in harmony with their partners. So, what can you do to improve your customer relations and ensure a smooth flow of your business processes in the applications you offer to your customers? With Salesforce Health Check, you can get an overview of how the platform is used, its limitations, and maintenance requirements while you can catch up with the latest technology and keep up with the trends in your industry! Moreover, with the Salesforce CRM system and Salesforce Health Check, which you will implement with Kofana’s expertise, you can discover the malfunctions in your applications that are not considered a serious problem, and you can optimize your Salesforce gains.

Update your apps using Salesforce Health Check!

Salesforce receives 3 version updates each year, if you do not take advantage of the new functionalities coming with these versions, your system’s efficiency will decrease! When you use the Salesforce Health Check solution together with Kofana’s expertise, you improve your Salesforce use, and you ensure that your investment meets the changing needs when new functionalities, revisions, and updates of the platform are released.

How does Salesforce Health Check work?

You have decided to check whether your CRM investments yield healthy results using Salesforce but you do not know how to do it? We can tell it now. Salesforce Health Check follows 3 basic steps in each run, these steps help you better understand your business processes and how to improve your CRM.

Salesforce Health Check determines your business model.

Imagine you are a doctor. You make a diagnosis by checking your patient’s data, examining him/her, and consulting with doctors from different branches, if necessary. Likewise, the first step of Salesforce Health Check, which you can implement with Kofana’s expertise, includes an examination of the business processes. With its consultation feature, Salesforce Health Check defines your business model and analyzes how your processes work for a healthier process before checking the up-to-dateness and functioning of your CRM software.

Salesforce Health Check controls.

We know that you expect a step-by-step roadmap to update your Salesforce apps! That is why Salesforce Health Check determines the use cases of your app and creates a strategy to optimize it in the best way. Moreover, the status monitoring feature of Salesforce Health Check, which we offer with Kofana’s expertise, allows you to manage new processes more easily by monitoring your business activities including all integrations with third-party software every day. So, what else can you do by monitoring the status?

Salesforce Health Check creates an action plan.

You have completed all the overall productivity and efficiency checks of your Salesforce application and have obtained all the necessary findings for the security check! Now, it is time to use your Salesforce app in a smarter and more optimized way! Salesforce Health Check closely monitors all your processes and creates an action plan for your application using the reports obtained. Thus, it not only solves the problems pointed out by your application but also provides a fully applicable solution guide that is suitable for the business model of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that delivers a single, common view of each customer, including marketing data, sales processes, and after-sales services.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy that companies use to manage their interactions with customers and leads. It facilitates businesses to organize processes, establish relationships with customers, increase sales, improve customer services, and increase profitability.

What is Salesforce Health Check?

With Salesforce Health Check, Kofana Digital analyzes your processes in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) infrastructure, monitors its up-to-dateness and functioning, and creates an action plan.

What are the advantages of the Salesforce Health Check solution?

Salesforce Health Check gives you access to all the information you need on how to proceed in customer relationship management and which elements are successful and which areas have lower performance. Salesforce Health Check optimizes your application to the latest version, allowing you to make sure your investment is in line with changing needs.