Create digital communities using Salesforce Community Cloud and Kofana!

Do you find it difficult to have dynamic collaboration and communication as your business volume increases? With Kofana and Salesforce Community Cloud, you can quickly connect with your customers, business partners, and employees. Thanks to Salesforce Community, you can facilitate your core business processes and share your files and data with everyone in your business network. We seem to hear that you want to pave the way for collaboration, increase your productivity while improving your communication channels and create business integration. Explore Salesforce Cloud’s Community Cloud experience with Kofana’s expertise, and connect to all your stakeholders from anywhere, anytime!

What can you do with Salesforce Community Cloud?

You do not have to wait for your customers, business partners, and employees to access the information, people, and applications they need! With Kofana and Salesforce Community Cloud, you can serve all your stakeholders and customers in your ecosystem more effectively, turn demands into sales faster, share your data securely and work synchronously. So, what else can you do?

Integrate your communities using Kofana's expertise!

Do you want your teams, customers, and stakeholders to interact in business processes and be able to easily share information with each other independent from their locations in all operations? With Kofana and Salesforce Community Cloud, you can strengthen collaborations and increase productivity by integrating all communities in your ecosystem; thus, your customers can create support requests, your partners can evaluate prospective sales, and your employees can access any files they want.

Connect your customers with the Community Cloud!

Do your customers’ expectations increase as the business world digitalizes? Then it is time to personalize existing customer experiences and improve your customer services! Bring Salesforce Community Cloud into action with Kofana’s expertise, introduce your customers to a powerful community software that allows you to create rich and personalized experiences, and offer unique customer services support.

Offer easy access to information

Do your customers still have slow access to information, even though technological devices have more penetration into our daily lives? So, with the easy access options of the Salesforce Community Cloud, let your customers access articles, frequently asked questions, and collective memory, and make your agents’ business processes smarter.

Enable case sharing

With Kofana’s expertise and Salesforce Community Cloud, it is possible to prevent the disruptions that may occur both in your operations and in the process of your cases! With the Salesforce Community Cloud, you can also enable your customers to create cases directly in the community, while allowing your consultants to respond to cases within the community or privately. Moreover, you can automatically escalate not responded cases or those that contain identified keywords!

Support collaboration

You can improve the efficiency of business processes by allowing your communities to support each other. Try Salesforce Community Cloud to facilitate your members to support each other based on their skills and expertise. Of course, categorizing your members is not limited to these features! When creating a community by using the Community Cloud, you can identify and reward your most active members with customizable badges that appear on their profiles.

Improve your purchasing experience

While digitalizing your business models, you can easily increase your revenues. You can create new experiences and enable your customers to discover, search, and purchase all your products in a mobile and social environment by integrating your e-commerce platform with Kofana and Salesforce Community Cloud.

Get closely acquainted with your communities.

The first step in developing your collaborations is to identify the needs of your customers, employees, and business partners, while Salesforce Community Cloud turns this critical issue into an application for you. By using the Community Cloud, you can measure and analyze metrics such as pre-configured and customizable Lightning dashboards, adoption and engagement, popular groups, users, and topics in the community management console.

Increase the sales of your partners by using Community Cloud!

As you develop your business model, you can increase your sales using Salesforce products and sales force automation. With Kofana and Salesforce Community Cloud, you can speed up your sales channels by directly contacting your dealers, distributors, and business partners. So, what else can you do to increase your sales?

Support your employees with Salesforce!

You should first improve the employee experience in your roadmap to be created to increase your sales and carry out your core business processes efficiently! Increase your employees’ productivity and their internal interaction by implementing Salesforce Community Cloud with Kofana’s expertise!

Create your digital communities using Kofana!

Do you wonder what you need while Salesforce Community Cloud creates your communities? Then, you can contact Kofana, Salesforce’s first authorized dealer in Turkey and partner since 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that delivers a common view of each customer, including marketing, sales, trade, and customer services.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy that companies use to manage their interactions with customers and leads. It facilitates businesses to organize processes, establish relationships with customers, increase sales, improve customer services, and increase profitability.

What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is an online social platform that enables companies to communicate with their customers, partners, and employees and access the information they need. Salesforce Community Cloud (Collaboration Cloud), the next-generation portal, combines Salesforce Chatter’s real-time collaboration with the ability to share any file, data, or record anywhere and on any mobile device.

What are the advantages of the Community Cloud?

Community Cloud streamlines the core business processes and allows you to disseminate them across offices, departments, customers, and business partners. Thus, the company can collaborate more effectively and synchronously with all stakeholders in its ecosystem and turns demands into sales quickly.

What can you do with Salesforce Community Cloud?

You can create digital communities to build deeper relationships with customers, enable them to easily access information online, and collaborate with each other. You can integrate your business partners, customers, employees, agents, or brokers to proceed with your business processes smoothly and speed up the deals. You can enable your employees to connect and collaborate regardless of their location. Since Community Cloud is built within the Salesforce platform, you can directly connect your systems and data to your community.